alumni awards winners

2018 alumni award recipients

faculty member of the year : dana hollandsworth, dc ‘10

Dr. Dana Hollandsworth is an alumni of Parker College of Chiropractic. After practicing in Washington and Illinois she returned to Texas and joined Parker University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chiropractic Sciences. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science (Kinesiology) from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has post graduate certifications in Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK) and Acupuncture (300 hours). She has begun contributing to the research community and collaborates both interdepartmentally and internationally in chiropractic educational research. Dr. Hollandsworth is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Higher Education from Texas A&M University Commerce.

she continues to help drive the innovation of the fstt lab with the goal of providing safe and fun opportunities for future chiropractors to develop their psychomotor adjusting skills.

staff of the year : esther perez

ester perez has worked at parker for twenty-two years. “it is a beautiful life working here. never a dull moment.” esther said that everyone at parker is friendly, she always feels comfortable. esther has stayed because she enjoys her work and she has never had any problems. the main reason why she stays is, “the people make it worth it.”

recruiting ambassador of the year : tanner rodriguez, dc ‘15

dr. tanner rodriguez, born and raised in the texas panhandle, was taught early as a chiropractic patient that the power that made the body, was the same power that continues to heal the body throughout life, so long as there is no neurological interference. dr. tanner has a passion for true health and found that chiropractic is the best way to optimize the recuperative healing power in his patients.

over the past 3 years, dr. tanner has helped parker university’s recruiting department by speaking to large classes full of students at several universities in the dallas-fort worth and surrounding areas. for those interested in making chiropractic their mission, he’s offered mentoring to those students to help them prepare for what their future holds.

young alumni of the year: alexandra meleski, dc ‘14

dr. lexi is originally from milwaukee, wi, graduated from the university of wisconsin- madison in 2010, and moved down to dallas, tx in january 2011 with only faith and what fit in her car to start chiropractic school. she graduated in april 2014, created our birthing home and has now been in practice as a doctor of chiropractic since august 2014. dr. lexi worked on certification to become a certified birth doula in 2013 and was awarded certification at the end of march 2014. dr. lexi is an authentic example and leader in her community, allowing people to express their true authentic selves without shame, guilt, or fear. she loves unconditionally and has never met a stranger, a reason why the space she holds is so inviting. dr. lexi has created change within her community through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care and support which transcends present cultural boundaries.

alumni of the year: darrell blackburn, dc’13

dr. derrell blackburn’s mission is to help others recognize and utilize the greatness and endless gifts within themselves. thanks to his chiropractic education and time at parker university, he has recognized the greatness within himself and by doing so he has created a life where he is able to share his gifts and perspective. he is not only a chiropractor, but a hospital board member, professor, coach, and serial entrepreneur. driven by his passion to create positive change in his community, dr. blackburn is making a massive impact in the lives of those he teaches, coaches, and serves.

lifetime achievement award: john donofrio b.s., d.c., dabcn, facfn

dr. john donofrio was an established and well respected doctor, educator and consultant. he had identified, established and implemented the most appropriate, effective and least invasive protocols for restoring and sustaining health and balance within patients. he has ongoing clinical research supporting the development of his methods and his seminar series for health professionals around the world on natural health care protocols.

dr. donofrio was an active health professional for almost 30 years. he had distinguished himself in the areas of natural health care, chiropractic neurology, international lecturing, teaching and music. he was the president of the american chiropractic neurology board.

dr. donofrio had a successful practice in pennsylvania where he and his team utilized chiropractic neurology, nutrition, erchonia low level cold light laser therapy and detoxification programs to help people heal and grow. over 90% of his patient base travel from around the world to utilize his treatment plans.

dr. john donofrio may be most known to the parker university family for his 30 years of service working as a lead instructor for irene gold’s chiropractic board reviews. his unique teaching style infused with neurologically sound techniques was revered across the profession. dr. donofrio had the ability to make complicated things simple and at the same time demonstrate the immediate practical purpose for the information clinically. he made a personal connection with all his students, remembering the names of thousands of students in the various courses he taught around the united states. his abundantly caring heart is what so profoundly impacted the world and he will be dearly missed.

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past recipients

alumni of the year award

2016: tyce hergert, dc ‘98

2015: steven brooks, dc ‘99

2014: bart patzer, dc ’93

2013: autumn gore, dc ’03

2012: james deshazo, dc ’95

2011:  francis murphy, dc ’95

2010:  kevin kanz, dc ’88

2009:  patrick bodnar, dc ’99

2008:  paul heikkinen, dc ’85

2007:  stephen thaxton, dc ’91

2005:  tracy wilson, dc ’97

2004:  randy scroggins, dc ’94

2003:  gene jenkins, dc ’88

2002:  monte layton, dc ’97

2000:  marsha heikkenen, dc ’86
young alumni of the year award

2016: jarrett browning, dc ‘13

2015: andrew oteo, dc ’10

2014: courtney gowin, dc’ 13

2013: lezlie maloy, dc ’08

2012: jose negron, dc ’11

2011:  homero cavazos, dc ’08

2010:  sharla robertson, dc ’05

2009:  marco la starza, dc ’04

2008:  erin van veldhuizen, dc ’07

2007:  alan smith, dc ’01

2005:  jason clemmons, dc ’05
international alumni of the year award

2016: lindsay mcinnis, dc ‘11

2015: mayda serrano, dc ’09

2014: andrew hatch, dc ’93

2013: boyce kinnison, dc ’01

2012: neil gardner, dc ’09

2011:  aleisha serrano, dc ’06

2010:  tracy kennedy-shanks, dc ’95

2008:  mary ann chance, dc

2007:  juan sanchez, dc ’90

2005:  scott garber, dc ’02

2004:  kurt snel, dc ’94

2003:  ronen mendi, dc ’98

2002:  caroline lambert, dc ’92

2001:  ronen mendi, dc ’98
lifetime achievement award

2016: mark charrette, dc

2015: kenneth thomas, dc ’86

2014: james sigafoose, dc – in memory of

2013: m.t. morter, jr., dc – in memory of

2012: rose lepien, dc ’91

2011:  john “jack” donovan, dc

2007:  richard yennie, dc

2005:  alfred states, dc

2004:  leander eckard, dc

2003:  m.t. morter, jr, dc

2002:  leander eckard, dc

2002:  mary collins, dc ’02
recruiting ambassador of the year

2015: tracy wilson, dc ’97